Hand Eye Society w/ Brandon Boyer

MESSHOF was there too, indie video gaming at its mashiest. Was a little disheartened at my foolish flash business from the last social, tried to tone it down. The best I could do for the moment, I never really feel comfortable with these upstanding persons. Most of them are code folks, and enjoy making games, and in that it seems they have a natural aversion to mainstream game culture. I guess it makes sense, and many of them are more interested in the finer technical aspects of game-making, which is really great. The main reason why I decided to get myself involved was because I wanted to get my ear on the ground about the contemporary ideas swimming around this budding culture. I'd like to believe that video games are something of a more available form of expression (be it artistic or otherwise). Despite my excitement for the scene there is still that exclusivity, that barrier between developer and player that (I feel) should not exist, the pretentious plinth that every particular grouping of like-minded folk tend to share. I guess that is where I feel left out, while I can objectively converse to a developer about their game in layman's terms, it is always the one other person savvy to the code that will whisk their attention away from me, despite my enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, these folks are great, I just felt like I needed to vent frustration.

Their website is an easy on the eyes blog that can keep you savvy on all their goings on.
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Smireforks IV

Good night

Smireforks III

Tossing flame

Smireforks II

Hucking artillery

Smireforks I

Running munitions!
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